Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Please pledge! HIBAKUSHA


Please pledge to the HIBAKUSHA project from Steve Nguyen's film which was "inspired to bring awareness to the Hiroshima & Nagasaki bombings in hopes that nothing like this will ever happen again and over time, show tremendous forgiveness after these terrible incidents occurred. This project will commemorate the 66th Anniversary of the bombings and is dedicated to the Association of Hiroshima & Nagasaki A-bomb Survivors."

As Southern Albertans, we have a close connection to the Japanese community. Let's do our part to showcase this moment in history.

Please pledge to the HIBAKUSHA project.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Come in and get your complimentary 2011 Calender

Complimentary 2011 Calender for our valued, and loyal customers over our 28 years in business.

Preview of the 2011 Calender

We would like to show our appreciation and gratitude for your support over the many years supporting our family business.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

New Arrival of Greek and Mediterranean Products

Brief list of new product arrivals for the Christmas Holiday:
  • KRINOS Organic Kalamata Olives 375 ml
  • Kalamata Olives - Sliced - 500 ml jar
  • KRINOS Organic Kalamata Pitted Olives 375 ml
  • KRINOS Organic Olive Mix 375 ml
  • KRINOS Greek Black Olives - Delphi - 500 ml jar DEC. DEAL
  • KRINOS Kalamata Olives Deli 250 ml
  • KRINOS Spicy Olive Meze 250 ml
  • KRINOS Olive Cocktail Mix 250 ml
  • KRINOS Olives Bleu(Stuffed w/Blue Cheese) 250 ml
  • KRINOS Kalamata P.D.O. Ex. Virgin Olive Oil 3 L
  • KALAMATA Gold Organic Ex/Virgin Olive Oil 500 ml
  • KRINOS Traditional Feta Cheese 1 kg DEC. DEAL
  • KRINOS Greek Feta Cheese 200 g
  • KRINOS Sheep's Milk Feta Cheese 400 g
  • KRINOS Grape Leaves 500 ml
  • KRINOS Giardiniera 1 l
  • KRINOS Organic Tahini 300 ml
  • KRINOS Capers 100 ml
  • KRINOS Roasted Sweet Red Peppers 500 ml
  • KYKNOS Tomatoe Paste 369 ml
  • KRINOS Tiropita 12 oz
  • KRINOS Baklava 280 g
  • KRINOS Vanilla Halvah 250 g
  • KRINOS Chocolate Halvah 250 g
  • KRINOS Almonds Halvah 250 g
  • KRINOS Pistachio Halvah 250 g
  • SARANTIS Fig Sweets 453 g
  • KRINOS Cinnamon Candy 300 g
  • KRINOS Ouzo Candy 300 g
  • TWISTIES Hazelnut Wafers 400 g
  • TWISTIES Vanilla Wafers 400 g
  • TWISTIES Espresso Wafers 400 g
  • KRINOS Tarama 250 g
  • KRINOS Taramosalata 330 g
  • PAPA JOHN Cous Cous 750 g
  • PAPA JOHN Chick Peas 750 g
  • BRAVO Coffee 454 g
  • KRINOS Greek Oregano Bunches 56 g
  • ATHENA Sea Salt 750 g
  • KRINOS Souvlaki Seasoning Mix 28 g
  • KRINOS Greek Salad Seasoning Mix 28 g
  • KRINOS Chicken Soup Base (No MSG) 12 kg
  • KRINOS String Figs 284 g
  • Olivea Olive Oil Soap 125 g
  • LOUVROS Meat Marinade 375 ml
  • LOUVROS Greek Salad Dressing 375 ml
  • LOUVROS Barbeque Sauce 375 ml

Friday, December 10, 2010

Matcha (Green Tea) Protein Shake

We had a customer come in and he wanted 3 cans of matcha and I was curious what he was using it for ... because he didn't look like the "typical" type for a green tea ceremony or making mochi cakes that most Japanese make around this time of the year. So a brief dialogue between myself and the customer, we'll call him Mike:

We carry Matcha in either sealed aluminum cans or re-sealable pouches

Mike: Hi could I have 3 matcha please?

Me: 3?

Mike: Yes, correct!

Me: Oh wow, a lot of baking for Xmas?

Mike: Me? No...

Me: Ok, then what are you using it for? Green tea?

Mike: Kinda, well I use it in my protein shake. It works well and gives me a boost of energy rather than a shot of ...

Me: Oh how interesting! It must be really healthy!

Mike: Yeah for sure, I use soya milk instead of milk milk!

Me: I definitely have to blog this ;)

Mike: Cool! Cheers!


Mike also shared with us his own protein shake recipe. Here is what you need:

1/4 tsp matcha powder

1 1/2 cup soya milk

1 banana

1-2 scoops of whey protein (vanilla or natural)


Add all ingredients into blender (we like to use our bullet)! And voila instant morning shake!


Thursday, November 25, 2010

Spicy Tuna Tartar (Maki Sushi)

As our Japanese sale just started this week, we wanted to spice things up with something we learned from France this past April and incorporating most of the ingredients we have in store!

Tuna Tartar but a little kick using sesame chili oil ;)


1 package frozen Fat Belly Maguro (tuna)
3 tbsp olive oil
Sirachi sauce
3 stalks green onions
pinch salt
LaYu sesame chilli oil
masago (japanese caviar)
4 ripe avocado
half a lime
fried shallots

round or square mould

1. Let the maguro thaw for 20 mins, the trick is to have it still frozen in order to cut the tuna into 1/2 inch slices. After slicing it, chop it up into mini cubes.
2. Add 3 tbsp olive oil, so the tuna doesn't oxidate and turn brown or grey... Add a pinch of salt. Add sirachi sauce -- depending how spicy you want it to be ;)

3. Scoop out the avocado and diced it into mini cubes.
4. Squeeze the lime juice directly onto the diced avocado and mix slightly.
5. Fold in finely chopped green onions.

Use the plate you want to set your tuna tartar on. Use a mould like this one
6. Set the mould onto the plate. There should be two layers. I like to layer it with the avocado on the bottom and then the tuna on top.
7. Dish in about 2 tbsp of avocado mix into the mould and press it firm so it sets so it doesn't fall apart when you lift the mould up.
8. Dish in 2 tbsp of the maguro mix into the mould and press it firm so it sets and doesn't fall apart when you life the mould up.
8. Lift the mould up. It should be round shapes of avocodo on the bottom and tuna on top.

Now, we will decorate it the other ingredients...

9. Squirt about 3 drops of chilli oil onto of the tuna
10. Top off with masago onto of the tuna
11. Place fried shallots on top
12. Drizzle chilli oil around plate

Voila... a great Fusion appetizer made from all ingredients at the Asian Supermarket.
Come and shop the world!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Korean Ricecake Snack Dish- Dukbocki

Seafood Dukbocki

Well I fell in love with dukbocki after spending a lot of time in K-Town aka Korean Town in Toronto this past summer. It can sometimes be very spicy - just make sure you don't use too much gojuchang (red pepper paste) ;)

I like the pan-fried one..there is also a soupy-style dukbocki but here is the recipe for the pan-fried one!

1 package rice cake
3 tbsp red pepper paste
3 tbsp dashi (fish stock)
5 cups water
1 bunch green onions
1 package seafood mix

1. Bring water to a boil in a pan, add the dashi and red pepper paste. Stir until the red pepper paste is fully mixed into the water.

2. Divide the rice cakes and add into the soup. Stir often and turn heat down to medium low.

3. Continue stirring until the water thickens. Let cook and cover for 8 mins.
4. Cut green onions in 4 inches
5. Add cut onions into the pan and mix.
6. Add seafood mix in.

7. Stir and cover until the pan forms a thick consistency
8. Serve on plate


Thursday, November 18, 2010

Homemade Wonton Soup

The weather in Lethbridge, Alberta has been fluctuating so much, and this week's forecast is SNOW SNOW SNOW. So what better yet than to stay at home and enjoy a nice hot WONTON SOUP!

We have homemade wontons readily available - all you need is the perfect broth and fresh veggies.

Our Asian Supermarket recipe:


1 package Asian Supermarket wontons

6 cups water
3 slices ginger root
1 can chicken broth
1 tsp salt
1tsp sugar
4 drops sesame oil
3 stalks green onion

1 bunch fresh cut and cleaned veggies
- we prefer a nice bok choy or even yu choy to make it authentic ;)


1. Bring a pot of water to a boil. Put the wontons (as is from package) into pot of boiling water. The wontons should float and that means they are cooked and ready for you to drain the water out. Place the wontons in soup bowls.

2. Bring 6 cups of water to a boil and add can of chicken broth. Add sugar and salt to season. When it comes to a medium boil, add chopped green onions and 3 drops of sesame oil.

3. Lightly blanch the veggies, drain the water and toss in with 1 drop of sesame oil.

4. Top the soup bowl with wontons on bottom with veggies.

5. Pour hot soup over and serve.

Voila- a wonderful wonton soup for this week's Lethbridge snowy forecast.

Come on in and shop the world at the Asian Supermarket.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

10% off ALL Mexican and Latino Products

We are offering 10% off all Mexican and Latino Products.

Excluding Masa-Maseca, Queso, Tortillas...
Please enquire at the counter.

Come on in: Tostadas, Salsa, Chipotle, Hot sauces, Mole, soups, and many more!
Fresh baked Latino bread!