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since 1984

Southern Alberta's One Stop Shop for Specialty Ethnic Grocery- family run for over 25 years, delivering fresh and healthy world ingredients, & sustainable.

We are a family owned business for over 25 years. We, Louis, Thao, Alex, and Patricia are a local Lethbridge family, and we would like to share with you our inspiration from cooking and using all the ingredients found locally, to create a wonderful family meal. All natural and comfort for your own taste. Go ethnic Natural!

Our Objectives:
To have a healthy and successful business that is a leader in customer service and that has a loyal customer following.
Educate customers on specialty products and aid them in preparing healthy meals.
• Provide top quality gourmet ethnic prepared meals and ethnic baked goods.
• Cater to smaller health conscious markets.
• Leverage the market in ethnic specialty food products.
• Combining ingredients to create fresh, new, and delicious dishes.
• Utilizing technology to create and share our fresh, new, and delicious dishes.
• Bringing in fresh, new, and delicious ideas by showcasing it on our blogs, and social media websites.
• Creating a larger demand for specialty ethnic products.
We endeavor to amplify your taste by offering you more options; creating awareness; informing about healthy options; and having fun while cooking and eating what you like.

Come and Shop the World at the Asian Supermarket!

Louis and Thao

A video interview from the local CTV station about Louis, our father who started everything with our mother Thao. We hope to share our story with you!

wanderlust Summer 2012

Avid traveler and cuisine enthusiast! He is the "numbers go to guy" and spent a few months working in New York within the real estate industry gathering valuable skills. He has a BA in Management and is looking for [food] challenges that may broaden his traveling endeavors. 
Next conquer: Hong Kong Street Food!

still a kid in every man

Logistics maestro and is [very] eager to show off his skills in German cuisine. He grew up in Germany so he brings along the beer knowledge [but he has never been to Oktoberfest] and the way a BBQ Grill should be done! Other than that, you will find Sven quashing the snowy slopes of the Rocky Mountain during the long winters and of course enjoying the wonderful landscapes in Southern Alberta!

my fusion burger in Hamburg, Germany!

Foodie and ├╝ber social media otaku.
She also writes and updates our blog, Facebook, and Twitter Feed.
Patricia also goes by the alias Trish, where she has taught Advanced Media Economics seminars, with a keen fascination with communication as the key to all predicaments. She has coached executive C-Level management within various industries, and has an eager inquisitiveness to travel, and to add on to the ever-growing recipe and kitchen cooking collection. [oh Trish has been to Oktoberfest three times already!]
Check out her Food Story Action creating happiness and connecting all of us!

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403 320 8867


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