Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Food Story Registration Begins Nov 23 until Dec 16

enjoying Portuguese natas

The Idea! 

What would it be like, if all the little goodies, that we create in our lovely kitchen, could be shared with others? What if the scrumptuous homemade pralines, marmelade, cupcakes, or spicemix were to be remarkably decoratively packed for a trip, a few kilometers away, so that it would create happiness for someone?!
Our thoughts: It would be amazing!
And by paying it forward, by sharing with others, we, at the Asian Supermarket World Foods and Imports, want to create and foster this happiness: The idea to share and to connect us!
How it works: Every 3 months, a theme will be announced on our blog. Everyone who would like to create [more] happiness, can register per Email, and you will receive an Exchange Partner at a fixed date. And so, the creation of happiness begins: cook, bake, stir, steam, and what ever your heart desires, snap a photo from your creation and send it away decoratively packed. And please post your photos on your blogs, if you don't have one, send us your photo and we will post it on our blog! And through our happiness creation, we could collect all our photos on Pinterest.
Join us in creating happiness? We would love to connect with you!

How does it all work?
Register here!

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