Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Wheat and Gluten Free Products Available

Are you allergic to wheat? Having cravings because the products you are used to eating are not available wheat free? Well we at the Asian Supermarket and International Foods carry a wide variety of products that cater to those who share this predicament.
When was the last time you had spaghetti bolognese and paid maybe lesser than what you normally did for a package of spaghetti pasta? We here carry a wide variety of rice products in all shapes and sizes for those dishes you have been cooking these past years. Come and take a look. Shop the World at the Asian Supermarket. Because it's your World!

Hope you all had an amazing start to the new year! Take care and please tell us that you do read our blog when you come in for a purchase!



Anonymous said...

I've been into your store several times and I love it. I have a couple questions.

Do you have rice cookers, and if so how much are they?

I was also wondering if you had sushi rollers and how much they were? (The wooden or silicone pieces or any other variety really)

Thank you

Asian Supermarket and International Foods said...

Hi Sorry for the extremely slow response.

Yes we do carry rice cookers and they cost from $50 - $300 dollars. It all depends on what you are looking for. The higher price range is quite an investment because it will for sure last for over 10-15 years or more. Ours is 30 years and going!

As for sushi roller, aka bamboo mats, yes we do carry them for $1.99.

Hope to see you again in our store!